The History of Lace Front Wigs and Wigs in General

Wigs go way back in history.  In ancient Egypt they were used for the same purposes as today: to disguise a balding head or to enhance one’s beauty. Made of horsehair, wool, buffalo hair or even feathers, you can only imagine how wigs have evolved over time. Fortunately, you don’t have to experience any awkward wig combinations, especially considering the fact that lace wigs deliver the most natural, best quality and beauty you can get.What exactly is a lace wig?

If you have been watching the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Emmy’s or any other celebrity events, I’m sure you have all envied and wondered about how seemingly every TV star has gorgeous hair. Could it be they were born with it or are they masters of disguise? It might shock you to know that many of them don’t display natural tresses at all. Lace Wigs are used to enhance hair options and versatility, while at the same time, maintain a natural look.

Lace Wig Definition:

A lace wig is a wig which is made up of human hair and is based on a lace cap. Unlike normal wigs which can be easily detected, lace front wigs can be positioned anywhere and still maintain a natural look.

The reason it looks so undetectable is because it appears as if it’s growing out of your scalp. It holds on to your skin and gives you endless options to experiment with your hair. Lace wigs are made by hand tying hair, of the best quality, to a lace base. This high quality lace resembles the scalp and is made specifically to blend with one’s skin tone.

The advantages of choosing a lace wig instead of a classic wig are incomparable. First, a lace wig is lighter than a normal wig. You can swim and exercise while using a lace wig, and for many women this is one of the strongest points, considering we all want to look good no matter the situation at hand. In addition, a lace wig is the greatest alternative for anyone who wants to avoid any surgical method to add hair onto the scalp. Second, it’s comfortable.  It is convenient and looks natural, especially for people who have suffered hair loss due to cancer and alopecia. Lace wigs bring the same relief to burned-skin victims.

Unlike hair extensions, a lace wig will not cause damage to your hair or scalp. You can use curling irons and flat irons for even more styling options. You can wash it just as if you would wash your natural hair. With proper care, your lace wig should last a period of three to twelve months. Now this is what I consider a smart investment in your looks and confidence!

Julia Strunk

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