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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a lace front wig?
Lace front wigs are a more natural and less painful method of hair extensions that give the illusion that hair is growing out of your scalp therefore making it look so natural. A lace material is used at the base where each unit of hair is hand-tied meticulously onto the lace.
What is the difference between full lace wigs and other wigs?
A full lace wig allows you to wear your hair in up-dos, ponytails, and allow you to expose the nape of your neck, while a normal wig does not allow for this option. Also lace front wigs are lighter and more comfortable than traditional wigs.
What kind of hair is are lace front wigs made off?
Lace front wigs are made from 100 percent Indian Remy cuticle hair from a single donor.
How do I apply my lace front wig?
Watch our step-by-step video tutorials about how to apply a lace front wig. Our videos are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
Can anyone apply and maintain a lace front wig?
You do not need to be highly skilled in hair design to apply and maintain your lace front wig, but you may need to watch our videos about applying a lace front wig. In our videos, we walk you through, step-by-step, the process of applying and caring for your lace front wigs.
Will my lace front wig be detectable?
If it is carried out properly it will not be detectable and nobody will know you are putting on a lace front wig.
What is lifespan of my lace front wig?
It depends of how you use and care for it. It will last between three months to one year if properly handled. Please visit our use and care page for helpful tips on how to keep the longevity and beauty of your lace front wig.
Can I flat iron or curl my lace front wig?
Yes. Since the hair a natural hair, it can withstand household styling tools such as curling irons and flat irons. You can even wash, set and style - just like your natural hair. Take note that the hair could be damaged with product overuse.
How do I measure for my lace front wig?
Visit our page on how to measure your head for your lace front wig.
What is my head size?
Small Cap: 21.5"--13.5"-11"--12"---14"--5" Medium Cap: 22.5"--14.5"--11.5"--12.5"-14.5"--5.5" Large Cap: 23.5"-- 15.5"--12"--13.5"--15.6"--5"
Can I exercise, swim or play with lace front wigs?
Yes. As long as you have applied it with an adhesive that works with your body chemistry and can withstand the activities you partake in.
Can I change the color of my lace front wig?
Yes. Normally we do not allow further processing if it has been previously dyed and processed but should only be colored be an experience colorist.
What if I have a full head of hair, can I still use a lace front wig?
Yes. You can braid or flatten your hair before application since your ultimate goal is get your hair as flat as possible for the best look.
Is the base cap made of lace?
Yes. The base cap is made of lace. There are two types of materials used to make the base cap which are the Swiss Lace and French Lace.
Are these base cap lace materials fine?
Yes. Swiss lace is very fine and delicate and undetectable while the French lace is also fine but not as detectable. Although both methods are virtually undetectable, French Lace is a bit more durable than Swiss Lace.
What types of lace are there?
French Lace and Swiss Lace French Lace is more slightly more durable and will last significantly longer than Swiss Lace. The French Lace is more ideal for a beginner, due to the durability of the products. Swiss lace is slightly thinner and a little less detectable, however it is less durable and it rips easier. We also recommend that if you are new to the world of lace front wigs, you do not choose Swiss Lace, as is the product is very delicate and tears very easily. Swiss Lace must be handled with the most extreme care.
What is baby hair?
Baby hair is same texture hair as the entire wig but shorter hair knotted around the entire perimeter of the wig. Baby hair makes the hairline look more natural and also helps the wig be more versatile so you can do high pony tails and helps cover the edges of the lace. We can easily customize it to what our customer need are . For example, if you only want it in the front, we can do that.
Why choose baby hair?
Most of our customers choose baby hair as it allows for your lace front wig to be virtually undetectable.
What knot is best for me?
Single knots are generally better for wigs that have a lighter density. Double knots are preferred for durability and heavy density wigs. Bleached Knots knots create the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp. If you are ordering a wig that is light in color (blonde or similar) you do not have to select bleached knots as the hair is already light.
What is a front lace wig used for?
Lace front wigs are used by women who want to improve on the growth of the natural hair while other utilizes lace front wigs and frontals due to medical conditions. But the most common use is by women for fashion, this is due to the fact that it gives them longer, more natural hair which in turn makes them stand out from the crowd.
Can I customize my own lace front wig?
Yes. You can customize your hair in your own style and color and at very reasonable price.

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