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One of the things that is stopping a lot of people from your getting their own virgin hair extensions business is because they feel SO OVERWHELMED and don’t know where to begin!

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what is included….

  •  Professionally done website with everything included. We will use our expertise and experience from selling millions of dollars in hair extensions to build you a hair extension website that will convert visitors to your website into buyers.

  • Once your customers place an order on your website, we will ship it to them, so you never have have to hold any inventory and there is no need to hire a warehouse space or employees to ship and manage your inventory.

  • We will take care of all of your customer service needs- Our knowledgeable in house staff have a 95% customer satisfaction rating and are trained and certified! They will be standing by to help your customers with any questions, help with ordering via phone, email, and live chat.

  • Get valuable business advice- We know that the hair extension industry inside out, we have sold millions of dollars worth of hair extension over the last 8 years.  We will coach all our customers and help you with any questions you may have on how to grow your business.

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This all depends on whether you choose to “do it yourself,” or if you accept our offer of a helping hand :)

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Selling Virgin Hair Weave Extensions is the fastest and easiest way for any business owner, salon owner or hair stylist to make life changing income this year!  One of our wholesale customers Beatrice Cooks, a hair stylist from Michigan made and extra $102,916.10 in her FIRST year selling our virgin hair weave extensions!

If you’d like to set up a six figure per year virgin hair weave business, regardless of your prior experience… this WILL BE the most career changing information you’ll ever read!

Consider this:

8 billion dollars worth of hair extensions are sold annually!  Yes, Billion with a B!  Of these, hair weave is the most popular outselling all the other types of hair extensions combined by about 4 to 1!

Do I have your attention now?  The truth is there is tons of money to be made in the hair weave industry.  The time for you to start getting a piece of this, is now!

The truth is, selling hair weave extensions is a gold mine, with never ending demand of high quality weaves.  But the bottom line is you have to have GREAT QUALITY HAIR or you will lose clients faster than you can say “weave”

Lets face it, if you are like most hair stylists, you are frustrated and tired of a few things,

  1. Are you tired of having to send your customers to the beauty supply shops where they are treated with no respect?
  2. Are you tired of other people making all the money selling virgin hair weaves to your customers?
  3. Are you tired of dealing with bad quality hair that tangles or sheds leaving you and your customers frustrated?
  4. Are you tired of dealing with overseas suppliers who either steal your money or send you inconsistent quality?  One day you get good quality, the next day the quality sucks?
  5. Are you tired of waiting for days and weeks to get virgin hair from your current hair vendor?
  6. Doesn’t it drive you nuts, when you take hours to sew in your clients weave, (lets face it, you take pride in what you do) only to have to redo it because the hair became all tangled up!  Talk about wasting your valuable time, money, and having unhappy customers!

Well, you are at the right place at the right time!

The good news is WealthyHair.com virgin hair weave extensions will skyrocket your profits and help you take control of the quality of hair that your customers get.

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Get Your Own Hands Free Virgin Hair Extensions Business…………..


1.  Buy the hair on behalf of your clients on our website at factory direct prices

2. Sell it to them at retail (marked up) prices and profit HUGE

3. Rinse and Repeat ( Remember we do not have any minimum orders)



Your Wholesale PriceHow Much To Sell the Hair For
Our Pricing (Your Cost)Suggested Pricing (Your Customers Pay You)
12”          $56               $87
14”          $61               $92
16”          $65               $97
18”          $73               $102
20”          $77               $107
22”          $81               $112
24”          $86               $117
26”          $88               $122
28”          $91               $127

Here is what you can expect from our Virgin Hair Weave Extensions

  • They are 100% virgin remy human hair that is not mixed with any synthetic fibers, animal hair, or low quality hair.
  • Wealthy Hair virgin hair extensions are tangle free and do not shed with proper care.
  • Ability to be dyed to any color the customer or hair stylist wishes.
  • We do not chemically process the hair in any way.
  • Cuticles are intact and all aligned in the same direction, this protects the integrity of the hair structure giving you naturally flowing hair that lasts for a long time.


Why are so many hair stylists and salon owners using Wealthy Hair virgin hair weave extensions?

Many smart hair stylists and salon owners realize that hair weave  extensions is a powerful and no brainer way to really increase and supplement their income.  Selling hair weave extensions can be life changing.  Think of what you could do with an extra $2,000 or $3,000 a month.  Maybe take a long due vacation, maybe spend more time with your loved ones?  Or just work less and enjoy life more.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few more reasons why you should seriously consider buying from WealthyHair.com

  • You are in full control – You will be in full control of giving your customers high quality and long lasting hair.  You do not have to worry about having to redo your customers hair because the hair you sold started to turn into a birds nest after a few days!
  • Same day shipping – Order by 3pm EST and your items will be shipped to you the same day.  We ship all our items with priority mail which ensure delivery between 2 to 3 days.  Overnight and express delivery is also available.
  • Once your account is approved, you will have your own personal assistant that will be available to help you with all your hair needs.
  • There is NO minimum order of hair weave or closures!  We want you to succeed!  Unlike other wholesale hair companies that require you to buy large quantities, with Wealthy Hair you can buy as little or as much as you need.
  • We are a U.S.A. based wholesale hair company, we are located in Atlanta, GA and we are available to you.  You can text us anytime day or night or call us during our business hours.
  • Do you have a client out of town?  Well, that is what we are here for.  We will drop ship the hair to your clients.  Just give us name and address, relax and we will do the rest.
  • We are the manufacturer, so you will get actual factory direct prices not 10% or 20% off like other so called wholesale companies.
  • You can pay by credit card, western union, money orders, money gram, or cash (in our store).
  • Drop Shipping Benefits
    • Blind shipping labels available – Sent with no WealthyHair.com markings & your company name showing on the shipping label!
    • No extra fees or costs!

  • Private Label Option Available

    •  Protect your hard earned customer loyalty, sell our products with your own label!    

  • Who Can Join?

    • Salons, beauty supply shops, cosmetologists, hair dressers, specialty shops, and ecommerce websites.
    • We accept distributors from U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.  If you are in a different country than listed here please contact us for consideration.

All entries are subject to review.

We are growing faster than any other wholesale virgin remy hair extensions company and here is why.  We are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to the hair quality and delivery of your hair weave extensions.  We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our outstanding ability to provide superior customer service, high quality, and low prices

To receive our wholesale prices, please fill out the simple form anywhere on this page. Once You Fill out the form, you will instantly access our factory direct pricing

If you have any questions, please call us at 904-564-4005 or email us at Wholesale@WealthyHair.com

Any questions? Call us NOW toll free at 1-855-500-4321

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1.How much money do I need to start?

WealthyHair.com is a wholesale website for Virgin Hair Extensions and it is 100% FREE to join. You will get factory direct pricing from the get go and you do not need any special login or code to shop at factory-direct pricing. To receive Factory pricing right away, with no waiting CLICK THIS LINK

2. What is the minimum order?

Good news!  We don’t have any minimum quantity or order size for all our wholesale customers!

3. When am I eligible for further discounts?

We always monitor all our wholesale accounts.  We will evaluate your ordering quantities every 2 months and see if you qualify for large quantity discounts.

4. Once I purchase the hair, when will I get it?

All orders for wholesale virgin hair placed by 3pm EST are shipped out the same day!  We know you need your hair ASAP so we always ship priority mail and you should receive it in 2 to 3 business days.

5. How big is one pack of hair?

One pack of hair is 100 grams (3.56 ounces), You will need about 2 to 3 packs for each client, depending on how much thickness the customer prefers.

6. What color does the hair come in?

All our hair comes in the natural black color of the donor.  It looks like a mixture of color number 1B (off black) and color number 2 (dark brown).  Most of them are closer to the 1B (off black) color.  All our virgin remy hair can be dyed to any color you desire.

7. How long do your hair extensions last?

Depending on how much care you give the hair, our extensions usually last between 6 months to a year.

8. Why should you buy from us?

Not only will you get amazing quality virgin remy hair but with every purchase you make at WealthyHair.com, you will be also saving a child’s life through our Hair For Hunger program!  We will make a donation on your behalf, of a life saving nutritional food HOPE bar to a starving child with every order you place with our company!  Hence our motto: Look Good & Do Good! (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

9. What is the main difference between Wealthy Hair virgin remy hair and  beauty supply hair?


Wealthy Hair 100% Human Virgin Remy Hair Extensions      Beauty Supply Store / Chemically Processed Hair  
Our hair is 100% virgin remy human hair, we do not mix it with synthetic fibres.  Giving your customers long lasting and natural looking hair.It is a well known fact that most of the hair sold in beauty supply shops are mixed with synthetic fibres and/or animal hair.
Each bundle of our virgin remy human hair comes from one donor and therefore the color of the hair and texture is organic and blends well.Most of the hair from beauty supply shops comes from what we call waste hair, collected from barber shops and leftover floor hair.
Because the cuticles are the lifeline of healthy hair, all our cuticles in our remy virgin remy hair are left intact and aligned in the same direction.  Because of this, our hair hardly ever tangles or sheds.For most of the hair in the beauty supply shops, the cuticles has been stripped and replaced with silicon and chemicals.  This makes hair look shiny and soft when you buy it, but becomes a tangled mess and rough after using it for a few days and when it is washed.
We do not use chemicals to alter the composition of the hair.Beauty supply hair is chemically processed to alter and change into different curl and wave patterns.
Because our hair is 100% virgin remy human hair and organic, you can dye it to any color you like.  You can flat iron the hair, curl it and wash it just like you would your own hair.  Once you wet it, it goes back to the original texture.Heat will instantly damage beauty supply hair and if you try and dye the hair, it will not take color because it is not real hair or has been too chemically processed and therefore damaged.


10.  What lengths do you carry in stock?

We have 12” through 28” of our hair textures Natural Straight, Body Wave, and Island Curl in stock.  For our Relaxed Yaki Straight texture, the lengths available are 12” through 20” long.

11.  What type of virgin remy hair do you carry in stock?

We have Virgin Brazilian, Virgin Peruvian, Virgin Malaysian, Virgin Indian.  We can also get some others as well so please ask if there is some other hair donor type that you need.

12.  What type of textures do you carry?

We carry body wave, natural straight, relaxed yaki straight and also island curl.

14.  How soon can I get my Order?

Your order ships out the same day as long as it is ordered by 3pm, and we normally ship it using USPS Priority mail which means you should get your package within 1 to 3 days depending on where you are located.

15. How much does it cost to ship?

We only charge $9.85 for USPS 1 to 3 day Priority Mail within the continental United States for orders of 9 packs of hair weave extensions or less.  If you order 10 or more packs then you will need to add an extra $1 per pack to cover the shipping and handling expense.

16.  I live in Canada, can I order from your website?

Yes you can we can accept credit card payments on our website from Canada too.

17.  Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship world wide!  The only thing to note is that we only accept Western Union, and/or  MoneyGram payments for orders outside of the U.S.A.  Please call us at 1-904-564-4005 or email us at Wholesale@WealthyHair.com to place any international orders.

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale program for our premium hair extensions and lace closures!  We provide wholesale hair weave extensions and lace closures to many beauty boutiques, hair salons, hair stylist, beauty supply shops, and other retailers or shops interested in carrying our products and we look forward to adding you to our family of distributors!

P.S. Allow me to illustrate what the MOST important thing in the hair industry is.

Seven years ago, two young women graduated from the same cosmetology school.  They were very much alike, both had been better than average students, both were personable and both – as young beauty school graduates are – were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these two women ran into each other at the Bronner Brothers hair show in Atlanta.

They were still very much alike.  Both were happily married.  Both had three children, and both, it turned out, had started beauty salons at the same time and they still had their salons there.

But there was a difference.  One of them was the most successful salon owner in the city and also has clients from all over country while the other one was just a hair stylist who could barely make ends meet.

So What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of success difference in the hair industry?  It not always intelligence or talent or dedication.  It isn’t that one person wants success and the other person doesn’t.

The difference is in the quality of hair that you sell to your customers!!  Let me say that once more, YOU MUST HAVE CONSISTENT GOOD QUALITY HAIR!!!  Why?  Because once you sell your customer bad quality hair that tangles and sheds, the TRUST is gone and if your customers can not trust you, then they will have to go to your competitors.  As it turns out, the name of the successful salon owner is Tiffany and she is one of our wholesale clients.  She has relied on Wealthyhair.com to consistently have quality hair to sell to her clients, which has helped her increase both her customer base and more than triple her salons income.

One of the main goals of Wealthy Hair is to consistently provide high quality virgin remy human hair weave extensions that can be dyed to any color and be used multiple times to our wholesale clients.  With with over 12,587 customers and a 98.3% repeat order rate, we can confidently say that you can use our hair to increase your revenue and have lots of happy customers…  What’s going to your story?  Contact us right now to change your destiny!