Baby Hair:

Most of our customers choose baby hair as it allows your lace wig to be more undetectable.

Type of Lace:

The French Lace is more durable and will last longer than the Swiss lace.

The Swiss lace is slightly thinner, and a little less detectable, however it is less durable and it rips easier.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Both are undetectable.

Most beginners choose the french lace. The Swiss less is not recommended for newbie as it very delicate and tears easily. The Swiss lace has to be handled with the most extreme care.

About Knots:

Single knots are generally better for wigs that have a lighter density. Double knots are preferred for durability and heavy density wigs.

Bleached Knots:

Bleaching knots creates the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.  If you are ordering a wig that is light in color (blonde or similar) you do not have to select bleached knots as the hair is already light.

About Cap Size (Head Size):

Use the measurements below as a guideline to the capsize you need.

A.  Small cap  1-21.5″, 2-13.5″, 3-11″, 4-12″, 5-14″, 6-5″

B.  Medium cap 1-22.5″, 2-14.5″, 3-11.5″, 4-12.5″, 5-14.5″, 6-5.5″

C . Large cap 1-23.5″, 2-15.5″, 3-12″, 4-13.5″, 5-15.5″, 6-6″

D.  Extra Large cap 24 and above for the circumference.  Has to  be custom made and may cost extra.

If you don’t see what you like in the choices, please type what you like on the box on your right.

About Hair Density:

Hair density refers to how thick the hair is. The hair density that you order is really based on personal choice and what looks best on you. Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density; however, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile.

Naturally growing hair grows differently for every person. Hair can grow thin (light) around the perimeter (hairline) and thick (medium) in the middle. Hair can also grow thick (medium) around the perimeter (hairline) and thickest (heavy) in the middle. Below are the most popular choices for densities in the lace front/ and full lace wig industry.

  • Light Density: This density is 60% thickness of an average head of hair.  It is recommended for people whose natural hair does not have much volume or thickness.  Light density on a lace front or full lace wigs shows a fair amount of scalp.  This density is popular with elderly women.
  • Light to Medium: This density is 100% thickness of an average head of hair.  This is the most popular density requested for custom lace front and full lace wigs.  It means that the lace front or full lace wigs will have light density at the hairline and medium density every where else.  This is the most natural looking and most recommended by top stylists.  This density is suitable for most women.
  • Heavy: This density is 150% thickness of an average head of hair.  This is too much hair for most women to look natural.  This density in lace front wigs or full lace wigs is usually worn by performers who desire a heavy style.  Not recommended for a person looking for a natural look in a lace front or full lace wig.

Remember whatever density that you choose, lace front and full lace wigs provide the most natural looking hair in the market today.

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