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Cleaning Your Hair System

No matter if you are a daily or extended hair wearer, eventually the adhesive residues will begin to build up on your system and get into the hair. To help protect your hair system, regular clean up is recommended.

ATTENTION! Do not use this process if your system is made from silicone!

Step One

Removing the hairpiece tape

Start by removing the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of your system. Use your fingernail to gently “flick” or scrape up the very edge of the hairpiece tape to start the peeling.

Do not attempt to peel away or remove any tape from lace areas otherwise you could damage the unit.

Having problems getting the tape off? Try soaking your hair system in the adhesive remover first (step 2) for several hours before peeling it off. If you do soak it first, use a piece of toilet paper to get a better grip on the tape because it may be slippery.



Adhesive Remover

Hand Dish Washing Liquide

Fingernail brush

Mild Shampoo

Sink with Running Water

Plastic / Metal Container


Toilet Paper



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