How to apply tape adhesive on your full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and frontals

Step by Step Guide

Applying your lace front wig, full lace wigs and frontal is a breeze. Tape is especially recommended for all newbies because it is easy to apply, easy to remove and has a quick clean up.

What you will need

scalp protector

Eye Pencil



1. Clean your face and hair line with face and water

2. After drying your face, apply the scalp protector around your hairline

3. If needed- mark with an eye pencil or washable marker on your forehead where you want the hairline to start for the full lace wig.

4. Apply the tape on the entire perimeter of the unit as shown on the video

6. Place the  full lace wig or lace front wig on your head and position correctly on your hairline.

7. Peel the tape and press the unit/tape into your skin around the entire perimeter of your head.

8. Apply a scarf around your hairline to help with the wig tape adherence to your skin.

9. You can now style your  full lace wig/ lace front wig as you like

2 thoughts on “Application with Tape Adhesive

  1. Bianca Hutchins says:

    I’m a beginner with applying lace front wigs. I noticed you said that I need to apply a protector, but if I don’t have one is there still a safe way to apply and remove without the use of a protector?

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