How to style your full lace wig

Human hair full lace wig

full lace wigFirst thing to consider is the look you are trying to achieve the beauty of a full lace wig is that each hair is individually tied on to the lace cap, thereby allowing the hair to move in whatever direction you wish.  Whether you part your hair on the side, right or left, or pull it straight back, it is just like your own natural hair.  Each hair shaft is free to move 360 degrees.  The lace cap, which you will coordinate with your own scalp’s skin color, is so sheer that it is virtually invisible against your head.  You can feel comfortable knowing that it will not be detectable.  Also, having baby hair added all around the perimeter of the lace cap will not only add to the natural look but will also conceal the edge of the lace cap.  This is really great for when you pull your hair into an updo or ponytail, adding to your natural look.

Full lace wig


Human hair full lace wigs can use a lot of the same products that you use on your own hair for styling.  It should be noted that products that have no alcohol are the best to use.  Since you do not have the natural oils from your scalp to nourish the hair on the full lace wig, the hair will dry out over time, so try to avoid over using them and always be sure to wash and rinse very thoroughly.  You can set your hair with rollers using a setting gel and let it dry overnight.  It is easiest to put the wig on a wig stand so you can move about freely to do your curling.  If you are using a curling iron, be sure to keep it at a very low heat setting as high or prolonged heat will damage the hair.  If you are straightening your hair it is best to do it in small sections at a time.

It is a always possible, after you receive your new full lace wig, to have a hair stylist cut or trim the hair so that it frames your face better, if you prefer.  Or, do like I do, have several full lace wigs in different styles so you can swap them out, depending on your mood.


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  2. Lace Front Wigs January 15, 2011 at 6:20 am -

    Just make sure that when you style your hair, it should align with the look that you want. You should not look like you’re trying to cope with the wig but the wig should highlight your best features. Always ask for professional advice when doing this.

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